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Granta Innovation helps organisations capture the opportunities presented by digital, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In the coming decade, these technologies will transform the way that we do business.

What is AI?Artificial intelligence AI overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already having a significant impact, and has tremendous potential to make our lives better still. Yet it is a broad term and is often misunderstood as science fiction rather than software – which is why practitioners often prefer to use the term Machine Learning to describe their work.

Read the first of our articles about AI to understand more about: What is AI? What is Machine Learning? What is Deep Learning? What else is AI? What next? [Read more…]

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Image of circuitInternet of Things (IoT)

IoT allows us to bring online the world around us and the things we use every day.

We have used IoT to solve practical problems from energy to safety. By sensing the condition of a machine, we can ensure it works at its best and help keep it available whenever needed.

Smart things integrate with the services we use every day. Thanks to connectivity, people can communicate in new and engaging ways, and save valuable time.

blockchain - cw event 5 June 2018Does Granta Innovation support blockchain?

Granta Innovation’s CEO, Dr Antony Rix, is passionate about technology that works for customers.

Blockchain is an emerging technology built on several decades of research in distributed computing, and is most well know as the software that enables the bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Antony will share frank views, on the technology’s merits and why it is so controversial, at a free-to-attend event on 5 June 2018 hosted by Cambridge Wireless. [Find out more…]

Granta Innovation’s offering

We work with partners to use technologies such as these to solve business problems.

Our seasoned team have decades of experience, allowing us to offer consultancy, development services, and advice.

We are based in Cambridge, UK – one of the world’s leading centres for innovation in science, medicine and technology.

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