Research, consulting and development of AI and ML applications in business and healthcare

Digital technologies and artificial intelligence are transforming healthcare, business and our everyday lives. The companies that succeed will be those that embrace AI and use it for good.

Granta Innovation, based in the leading technology and innovation cluster in Cambridge, UK, offers a full suite of services to put new technologies like deep learning, AI and ML into practice in your organisation.

Strategic & market research

Granta Innovation artificial intelligence research for business growth

With a profound understanding of the commercial opportunity and the strengths and weaknesses of each of the technologies that we call AI, we’re the ideal partner to define your next steps

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) development

AI, ML and full stack systems development at Granta Innovation

We can implement AI systems for you, and help you build your own in-house capabilities, from optimizing a business process to putting an AI-enabled solution into production. Full stack, clinical trial, QMS, CE mark, FDA 510(k), ruggedisation, scale-out? We can help

Emerging technology

Emerging technology research based on expertise from Cambridge

Our team have built world-leading AI and software systems and continue cutting-edge research for ourselves and our customers, drawing on years of experience in consumer, enterprise and medical applications

New ventures

Lucida Medical - artificial intelligence based medical devices for cancer diagnosis

We helped spin a company out of the University of Cambridge to apply AI and ML to transform the way we screen and manage cancer. Visit Lucida Medical for more information.

Artificial intelligence research

Artificial intelligence AI overview - Granta Innovation

What is AI?

AI is already having a significant impact, and has tremendous potential to make our lives better still. What is AI? What is Machine Learning? What is Deep Learning? What else is AI? What next?

Principles for ethical AI Granta Innovation

Ethics of artificial intelligence

We’re focused on applying AI for people, but it’s a controversial subject. Read our research on AI for good – how to build artificial intelligence systems ethically, for the benefit of humans