Introducing Granta Innovation

Founded in 2018 in the research & development cluster in Cambridge, UK, Granta Innovation serves organisations seeking to use technology innovation to transform their future.

Granta Innovation brings together skills in user experience, product engineering, digital communications, software systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). This rare combination of technology innovation and expertise can be applied to solve challenging business problems.

The company’s founder and CEO, Dr Antony Rix, gained his PhD working on the application of signal processing, machine learning (ML) and AI techniques to a simple problem: how can a computer measure the quality of a telephone call? In the 1990s, telecoms networks were adopting new low-bit-rate codecs, Internet and mobile systems, introducing new types of distortion.

In an international research collaboration, Antony co-developed PESQ (ITU-T Recommendation P.862), which became the industry standard for speech quality measurement. He co-founded Psytechnics to commercialise the technology and its application to network optimisation. Psytechnics was acquired by Netscout in 2011.

Following his work at Psytechnics, Antony led and delivered pioneering projects in IoT, software, medical devices and communications at Cambridge technology consultancy TTP, and in 2016 co-founded energy harvesting and smart sensor startup 8power.

Granta Innovation works with local partners who bring complementary expertise in enterprise data systems and cloud technologies. From this base, the company supports customers around the world.

Why the name? The river that flows through Cambridge is also known as the Granta. The company’s logo draws on the iconic view of Cambridge across the river to Clare College and King’s College.